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Dear Reader This site uses best new techs and algorithims to give you best possible answer of you Dreams. please use Dreams interpreter Serch feature to get best results from huge collection of arpx 7000 words of dreams dictionery.

we will try to give maximum insight of dream you have seen although explanation regarding dreams meaning, dream interpretation, dreams analysis is very rare you got 100% right apt dream meaning from any dream meaning book or dream dictionary or interpretation service . All dreams we see comes in symbols, puns, metaphors & archetypes forms. if we are bit sensitive and vigilant most of these dreams we recognized and can see relation of these symbols with real life situation when that situation occur in real life "if the dream is true dream", not imaginary vision like ! someone caught in a situation in real life which is heavily influencing our conscious and subconscious. In context of Islam regarding Islamic dreams meaning, I will quote Some verses of Sahih al-Bukhari» Book of Interpretation of Dreams Volume 9, Book 87. English = “A righteous good dream that comes true is one of the forty-six parts of An-Nubuwwa.”
These dreams are not religion specific terminology every human being can use it and see is that was a close to meaning and interpretation like viewing dreams about snakes . Or snake dream meaning is enemy in the real life, which will not change with religion context.Islamic dream interpretation snake is same like without religion context ,same like teeth falling out dream will result same regarless anything
Regarding lucid dreams and nightmare will add detail so you batter under stand lucid dreams meaning
Currently aprx 7000 words for Dreams Interpretation ,Dreams meanings , dream Analysis have been added to see dream interpretation for searchable "Dream Dictionary".your can infer dream meanings most closly. That will be like question format what do dreams mean, and give you mximux possible "Dreams Meaning" / dream analysis / Dream interpretation of Dreams. That’s all from the Khawab Nama and Dreamsinterpretation Team and keep useing this website to see Dreams Meaning in all major languese of world with google best tanslatort serservice . Good Luck have nice "Dreams ....".

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