Dream Meanings of: Old Woman -2

Detail Dream interpretation of : " watching-dreams-of-old-woman

If one is engaged in an important project and sees himself sleeping with an old woman in-dream, it means that his project will not succeed. An old woman in-dream also represents non-arable land. If one sees her wearing-veil in the dream, it means that he will meet with hardships and regret. If one sees an ugly old woman, or-hag in-dream, it means adversities and war. If-young woman sees herself as an old woman in-dream, it means earning respect and dignity. An unknown old woman in-dream also represents-bad crop for that year. If one sees an old woman descending from the skies and people are wondering about her, she represents the passing year. Seeing an ugly old woman in-dream also could mean glad tidings of an ending war, or the end of drought.

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